Serbian Maritime Cluster formed

The  initiative  to  strengthen  the  cooperation  of  the  leading  companies  of  water management  in Serbia  and  to  create  joint  actions,  has  led  to  the  formation  of  the  first cluster  regarding  this  important  part  of  the  economy.  VAHALI  was  one  of  the  main initiators of this Cluster.
With their signature, company representatives of the Initial Board gave their approval to form  a  Serbian  Maritime  Cluster  (SMC).  The  ceremony  was  held  at  The  Netherlands Embassy  in  Belgrade  in  the  presence  of  H.E.  Ambassador  Laurent  L.  Stokvis  and representatives of Serbian ministry of economics.

Initial Meeting of Serbian Maritime Cluster

VAHALI Shipyard in Zasavica hosted our colleagues from various Serbian companies that are in one way or another related to ships and water. The occasion was to very first meeting of the Serbian Maritime Cluster. The Cluster will contribute to the development of this economic branch in Serbia. Our colleagues had also a chance to see for themselves what we have built on our new location and what the plans are for 2014.


Today, busy lines of the river Waal hosted new vessel built for Ama Waterways. First time propelled by its own engines, 135 meter AmaReina was submitted to strict river trial tests. Performed by mixed Vahali – Ama Watreways crew, tests have been controlled by authorities of Lloyd Register. The ship performed excellent.


Keeping up with a busy schedule we have hosted one of the pusher vessels from the biggest shipping company in Serbia, JRB – Jugoslovensko Recno Brodarstvo. Currently on our slipway is 1103 KW strong pusher Orasac. The ship will be completely checked, repaired and painted in new JRB scheme.


On Tuesday, the 5th November 2013. Vahali Shipyard in Belgrade have said goodbye to passenger ship MS Excellence Princess and set it on the way to Holland. The interior work and final touches on this 135 meter River Cruiser will be finished by our client TeamCo.


On September 14. it is 90 years since Scheepswerf & Machinefabriek Vahali B.V., the first Vahali company that has ever be founded. Since that time Vahali turned in international company, with variety of companies, founded both in Holland and Serbia.

We want to mark 90th birthday of our oldest company, at Vahali yard at Zasavica in Serbia, our youngest one, which is since 2013 part of Vahali and show that Vahali has not only history and tradition, but at same time courage to progress, evolve and be ready for future.

Eddy Lamers in first three!

On Sunday the 01. September 2013 our own Eddy Lamers became 3rd in a highly occupied half triathlon race in Cologne. This big international event included over 1.9 km swimming, 90 km cycling and 21 km running in the center of Cologne. Congratulations to Eddy, VAHALI is with you all the way!

Amareina on the way to Holland!

The latest passenger hull made in our shipyard in Belgrade, is sailing towards our yard in Gendt, Holland, for final makeover. The Amareina , is the third order of Swiss-American company AmaWaterways GmbH.

Vahali sponsorship gone bronze!

Vahali proved that he knows not only to recognize, but also to support real talent. We are proudly announcing great achievement in triathlon by our protégé Eddy Lamers! 19. 06. 2013 in Bocholt, Germany – in excitement race that consisted out of 2km swimming, 90km of cycling and 20km of running, Eddy Lamers won third place! Congratulation on behalf of Vahali, Eddy!

Official launching of MS EDELWEISS !

We are proudly announcing that 7th ship that we build for Dutch-Swiss company Scylla- MS EDELWEISS has its official launching on Friday 14.06.2013. This beautiful ship, named after a flower is 110m long and 11,45m wide, will be able to welcome 180 passengers in 90 cabins who are going to have privilege of lifetime cruise experience.

Passenger vessel MPS AMAPRIMA is ready for sail !

We are very proud to present you the latest ship produced by our company, AmaPrima! This shipbuilding project is the second order of the Swiss-American company AmaWaterways GmbH. AmaPrima is outstanding luxurious ship with following features : 135m long and 11,45m wide ship with total 82 passenger cabins, ready to provide unique experiences for everyone on the board.

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