VAHALI has a long history in shipbuilding. It was established in 1923 in the Netherlands on the shores of the river Waal between Arnhem and Nijmegen.

In order to remain competitive, VAHALI had to expand and purchased shipbuilding facilities in Serbia.

The latest acquisition is the shipyard in Zasavica-Macvanska Mitrovica, near Belgrade Serbia. After an intensive renovation and modernisation, this yard is now fully operational since mid 2014.



More than 90 years of experience has given VAHALI a firm place in the field of shipbuilding. Our customers appreciate our innovation and reliability. Our technology and engineering are constantly updated in order to comply with the most comprehensive wishes of our customers. In order to achieve the best results, VAHALI has accommodated the different branches such as design, supplies, steel work, cutting, outfitting, painting, logistics, transportation etc. into a number of individual companies.


VAHALI has a steady growing number of employees. At the moment approximately 350 employees form the VAHALI shipbuilding family in Serbia and the Netherlands, among them generations of shipbuilders. They work under the best possible conditions, safety and work environment. Furthermore VAHALI has a great number of subcontractors. In order to ensure the quality of manpower in the future, VAHALI is in the process of opening a shipbuilding school in Zasavica.

Gendt Shipyard, the Netherlands on the river Waal, founded in 1923. It has a 135m slipway, and a large hall. Its core business is outfitting, regarding interior and other detailed work of new vessels, coming from our shipyard in Belgrade.

The Zasavica Shipyard (Serbia)is founded in 2013. It is located 70 km from Belgrade and sits on the river Sava. This shipyard was under major construction and renovation by our workers. VAHALI planned that the Zasavica Shipyard would become the largest and most important Shipyard in this region. It is fully operational since mid June 2014.

The Belgrade Shipyard (our previous location in Serbia) was founded in 2005. It was located in the heart of Belgrade, capital of Serbia on the river Sava. The Belgrade Shipyard was the main VAHALI Shipyard for 8 years.


VAHALI has in-house expertise for engineering and design to create custom-built vessels. This sector employs 12 full-time designers, who create tailor-made vessels in close communication with our customers. Our design department is using the latest computer technology, innovative software and 3D design which forms the basis of the production process. We have a new hall for the cutting department, where we are operating with two state of the art Microstep Plasma cutting machines.


VAHALI is fully aware of its responsibility for the environment. With the implementation of the latest technology, we correspond with the newest and highest ecological standards. From the low CO2 emissions of our transportation vehicles, water based paint coatings, LED lighting technologies to energy saving- and waste water management, we are up and above current standards. All this combined with our environment- aware employees, VAHALI shipyard is one of the most environment-friendly companies in its field.


“The Future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”
Eleanor Roosevelt

With loads of experience, VAHALI sets new trends in the field of shipbuilding by implementing new concepts and ideas in design, work process and outfitting. With our new shipyard in Zasavica, we adept our production to our philosophy. In the near future VAHALI aims to open a shipbuilding school in Zasavica, in order to ensure a constant flow of young people educated by the very best and experienced teachers.


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